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January Book of the Month:
Joe Lansdale -- Rumble Tumble

By: Eddie Ouille
Website: http://carouselbook.com

How about a book based on a small East Texas Town written by a good ole boy from East Texas sound good so far. We'll let's throw in some curve balls. Let's throw in Comedy from an East Texas Red Neck and a gay black Texan. Let's really get it going with an airplane ride with a drunk Indian and a philosophical midget. Wait for it, in a vintage plane to an unlisted Mexican Airport. Oh, by the way there are heading there to pick up a hooker. Yeah, I know gay black, Texas redneck and a hooker in Mexico sound good. Well it is one of the most entertaining books along for quite a while. It is another of the Joe Lansdale series featuring Hap and Leonard. This one is Rumble Tumble. It is what's it's name implies. It is one of his best in the series. Hap is moving along in his relationship with his girlfriend Brett (another east Texas product). He is currently debating the moving in with her scenario when Brett's daughter wants out of the "life" and wants to come home. She is swished off to Mexico to be R & R for a motorcycle gang. Hap and Leonard follow along with too much laugher. By the way this is not a cozy book. It is hard nosed and hard-boiled. It is not Lansdale's horror book by any stretch but it is highly entertaining and an excellent mystery full of humor, pathos and some hard-boiled adventure.

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