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Obstetrics and Gynecology

By: Michael Fite
Website: http://www.drjmfite.com/

Hormones can cause fatigue, stress, low sex drive (libido), PMS, bone loss (osteoporosis), mood changes, weight gain, and depression. Helping a woman with these problems, usually requires hormone testing(blood, saliva, blood spot), and then hormone adjustments. I use BIOIDENTICAL HORMONES, converted from plant sources, that are identical to those the body provides for itself, like Estradiol, Estriol, Progesterone, Testosterone, and DHEA. They come in various forms such as compounded oral capsules, transdermal creams, gels, and patches. I believe these are safer than the most commonly prescribed hormones from horses, imbalanced and overtly potent synthetic versions.

Essure is a non-reversible, permanent sterilization procedure, done in the doctor's office, with professional I.V. anesthetic sedation. Soft, flexible, nickel micro inserts are placed into the follopian tubes thru the vagina and uterus, using a hysteroscope. The total process(anesthesia & Essure) takes less than 30-45 minutes, with rapid recovery (1-2 days) and a permanent natural barrier sterilization, documented with a confirmation x-ray in 3 months.

Heavy, prolonged periods can be treated with a one time, minimally invasive, 8- minute procedure, done in the doctor's office with professional I.V. anesthetic sedation. The Thermachoice silicone balloon, inserted into the uterus thru the vagina, treats the uterine lining(endometrium) with heat(87*C) and pressure applied for 8 minutes. Thermachoice is not a contraceptive procedure. Ablation takes less than 20-30 minutes, (anesthesia & Thermachoice) with rapid recovery(1-2days), allowing you to keep your uterus.

Severe periods, tumors, polyps, endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic pain, etc., may require a hysterectomy(removal of uterus). Compared to the past, when large abdominal incisions, vaginal, or laparoscopic - assisted procedures were used, today the total laparoscopic hysterectomy uses 3 small incisions(1/4-1/2”), with less than 3 ounces of blood loss, short hospitalization(24 hrs.), and rapid return to work(1-3 weeks).

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