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Faith Coaching

F A I T H   C O A C H I N G    N    E    T    W    O    R    K 

Find the story-Tell the story-Be the story

Ron Rose

Founder, Faith Coach

2011 - 1

Byline: Ron Rose is the founder of Faith Coaching Network, an innovative internet faith coaching ministry ( www.faithteam.org ). He has been a DFW pastor, writer and radio programmer since 1984. Contact him via his website, or ron@faithteam.org.

From the mobile office…

I begin each day engaging life from the corner chair in my favorite Starbucks; it’s my mobile office. From that platform, I see strange and wonderful things. There faith leaps off the page and into life, it breathes. God shows up outside the walls of church.

Truth is, faith is more than a list of convictions or a theological concept; it’s the story of God written in the lives of everyday, ordinary people. a way of life. From my perspective, it’s a daily adventure embedded in mystery.

The story is not about “no” and “stop” and “judgment.” In fact, it’s not about words, even the right words, it’s about people in action. It reminds me of this old story.

The old-timer caught fish every time he went fishing, and his buddies were tired of his success.  He refused to share his secret, so a surprise visit by the game warden was set up.

It was 5:30 in the morning when the old-timer backed his faithful weather-worn boat down the ramp into the lake. After he tied the boat to the end of the dock, he parked his truck in the same old spot and headed back to the boat.

When he arrived, the game warden was waiting. “Going fishing this morning?” he asked.


The game warden studied him for a second and asked, “Mind if I go with ya?”

“OK with me. Hop in,” said the old-timer.

The warden spent the next few minutes studying the old fisherman routine. Once they arrived in the secluded cove on the back side of the lake, the old-timer killed the motor, dropped anchor, and began preparing to catch fish.

The game warden prepared to learn the fishing secret that had so many people up in arms.

The old-timer got his net ready for action, opened his tackle box, and fumbled around looking for just the right item. Then he pulled out a Bic lighter and a stick of dynamite. While the game warden was still in shock, the fisherman lit the stick and at just the right moment he tossed it out over the water and ducked.

The dynamite exploded and as the stunned fish began to float on the surface, the old-time got his net and began hauling in the big ones.

All the while the game warden is yelling “No, No…!” at the top of his lungs. He pulled out his ticket pad and began preaching to the old man about all the laws he had violated. As the tickets were torn from the book and fines began to add up, the old man reached into the tackle box and quietly pulled out another stick of dynamite. He lit it, and at just the right time handed it to the game warden.

“You gonna talk, or fish?”

It’s time to quit studying, to quit talking about faith. God isn’t trying to fill your life with a list of right answers to tough questions and calling it faith. He’s writing an adventure embedded in mystery and He wants you to be part of the plot.

So, the assignment this week is to "go fish." It's time to quit talking and start fishing. Be the adventure. Look for people who need a listener. Don’t talk; just listen. The odd thing is, he isn’t looking for perfect people, He’s looking for listeners who will let Him be the power.

You say you don’t understand?  Good, faith is lived forward and understood backward. Just listen. Faith it. It’s time to fish, connect with ( www.faithteam.org ).


F A I T H   C O A C H I N G    N    E    T    W    O    R    K 

Find the story-Tell the story-Be the story

Ron Rose

Founder, Faith Coach


5001 Surrey Ct, 

North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Phone: 817.239.9229

Email: ron@faithteam.org

Website: http://faithteam.org

Facebook: ron.rose

Twitter: @faithcoach

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